Took a long walk from our apartment in Rome to Bonci, the ill pizza spot (yup, it blows NYC slices out of the water).


Why? The dough stays crispy and chewy, never gets soggy, no matter how many delicious, sloppy things you pile on top. Apparently the secret is the wheat Bonci (last name of the owner) uses, and the way he treats the dough. Peep the window.



It tastes even better than it looks. Also, check how they serve it: instead of being baked in a pie (Italians eat pizza pie-style (pizza tonda) with a knife and fork), it’s cooked in rectangles on a cookie sheet (pizza al taglio). Then, you tell the cute Italian guy behind the counter how much you’d like (hand gestures) and he cuts out your piece with a pair of scissors. Price is by weight. See the orange office scissors in the background? Kitchen tool.


There were tons of good options on the menu, but my favorite was the roasted yellow pepper.


We’ll be eating here multiple times during our trip. Plan is to make it through most of the menu by next week.



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