Our last day in Rome …it rained cats and dogs!

We spend our last day quietly in Rome under  umbrellas dodging rain drops and splashing cars.  We are luck to be alive and take our lives in our hand every time we cross the streets!  The cars, the motor cycles, the buses, the taxis – all over the place within inches of all the pedestrians – it is incredible that we are all still here and we haven’t witness an accident yet!


The farmer’s market is still the most colorful place around.  Hundreds of people and all kinds of vegetables, items and foods.  A fest for the eyes, taste and smell.




Drew and Brooke – the real celebration.

The highlight of our trip is the celebration of the upcoming nuptial of Drew and Brooke.  These two young people are in-love and we ready to start their lives together and tackle their dreams for the future.  The family joins me in wishing them the very best as we all share their lives, adventures and love.


Rome is AMAZING! History, art and amazing beauty.

As we walked the street of Rome we stopped at all the highlights including the Pantheon, the Sixteen Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica.

There is so much learn and see – it is incredibly complex, long rich history and amazing artist that lived and created their art in this city.





A day at Daniela’s Cooking Class – Yummie!


As is the tradition, set by Jeff, all the kids have an opportunity to take a cooking class with master chef, Daniela Del Balzo.  She is the best!  Kind, generous and with a quick laughter.  Everyone meets at the market, and after shopping the local produces they head out to her home where they prepare and delicious meal.  Recipes are share and the table is set.  Jeff and I join them a few hours into the day and we all sit down for a lovely meal in her beautiful home or in her cozy patio.  There is wine, food and conversation to fill your spirit.  Of course, we all end up with pictures, recipes, hugs and kisses!

This year we were joined by Eduardo – Daniela’s oldest son.  A delightful extrovert young man, full of enthusiasm for life, his career as an architect and tennis!



Our newest member of the family – BROOKE!


Welcome to the newest member of the family – Brooke McAdam – Andrew’s fiancé.


How many CATS can you find?

IMG_0153It is always fun to walk by the Largo del Torre Argentina.  Look closely at the photo and see how many cats you can find.

The right answer is….SIX!!   See if you can find them them.


Our Italian friend – Daniela

IMG_0156We are meeting up with Daniela tonight – our friend, and Jeff’s cooking mentor. Lots of fun conversation, cooking classes for Drew and Brooke and of course good food to eat!

Brooke, Daniela, Jeff, Chrystal, Eduardo and Drew – great meal – but amazing company.